About coliBree PhotogrART

coliBree PhotogrART is a concept based on artist Bree Castillau’s play on the French and Italian word for hummingbird (colibri) and her own name to showcase her heritage with her signature animal in a fun(ny) way, as well as bringing together her two biggest creative passions in one: Photography and Fine Art. 

     coliBree PhotogrART’s intent is to blur the lines and ignore the labels that separate every creative aspect into a rigid box. Its focus is to just have fun and go with the natural flow of creativity; going from one medium to another or one project to another; much like a hummingbird goes from flower to flower, without the need to be defined by a particular style, story or subject matter. 


Bree Castillau is an Orlando, FL born and raised artist from French and Italian roots. She now resides in New Hampshire where she continues to create as much as she can, as she battles with stage four, metastatic lymphoma. 

     Her passion for the arts developed at a very early age and she has been encouraged to pursue it ever since she was able to hold a pen. Her training has been mostly self taught, she apprenticed under a family member in the art field when she was very young, and took art classes from grade school to sophomore year in high school, leading to some college level classes in Visual Communications and Fine Arts later.  She has also been certified in Interior Decorating, Creative Writing, Soul Therapy, Intuition Development, and has self-taught herself photography and image editing. 


While coliBree PhotogrART is still a work in progress, with the artist still working on finding her voice, her work shows influences of her European roots, her Spirituality, love for nature and her central FL upbringing. Her favorite artists include: Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Dali, Monet, Renoir, Ansel Adams, William Eggleston, Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney himself. She also has a deep appreciation for Impressionism, Surrealism and Fantasy. 


From Spring 2016 to Spring 2017 Miss Castillau was an  Agora Gallery  artist. Agora became the artist's representant for her wildlife photography work in New York, NY.  Later in 2016 the artist gained digital representation for her travel and macro photography with Art UpCLOSE, a division of Artifact gallery also in Manhattan. In late 2017 Bree Castillau ended her representation contracts because of her health and is now open to finding the right fit for her in the gallery world.