As a very Spiritual person, artist Bree Castillau has spent a lot of her time studying different philosophies and healing modalities that help raise the individual’s and the world’s vibrational frequency. These pieces have been created during the artist’s meditation practices as a way to capture the experience itself, or to share a message without the need for words. 

     It is the artist’s hope that as both, her art and spiritual practices continue, she will be able to blur the lines and have all her art be spiritual in nature.


Dreams, Tarot, Angels, Reiki and the Tree of Life are a few of Bree's Spiritual interests and she is now a firt year student for the School of Earth Medicine. She has also been certified as a Soul Therapy Practitioner® 


© 2013 Bree Castillau / coliBree PhotogrART       2016-2017 Representation by                                                                                   Agora Gallery and Art UPclose

© Copyright Bree Castillau / coliBree PhotogrART©
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Healing Love

Acrylics on canvas